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Train for a career supporting others

Gaining first-hand experience through work placements in education, nursing homes and other care settings can look amazing on your CV and is a key focus on our Health & Social Care courses.

Making a difference in communities

In Abingdon, Witney and other local communities, students gain work experience whilst helping with key services, including providing care and company to the elderly in Sovereign Housing residential homes.

The Health & Social Care department at the College is a supportive, inclusive and exciting place to learn

Our high-quality nursing room facilities are perfect for practical training. Growing your ability and confidence in using health and care equipment, like bed hoists and heart rate monitors, will be complemented by learning about the industry and the exciting range of careers that cross into both sectors.

We invite experienced healthcare professionals from local and national organisations to the college, to give students a realistic understanding of the kind of skills that are needed in these careers.

Along with an exciting teambuilding activity day in the first few weeks of college, there are further visits that will put into perspective what you're learning at college, such as residential homes, ambulance stations, and a residential trip abroad.

Did you know?

The social care sector employs 1.48 million people and will have half a million extra jobs available by 2030.

The NHS (National Health Service) is the largest employer in Europe, with over one million employees.

At the beginning of every term, new students get to go on an exciting team-building trip!


Previous school:
The Bicester School

My favourite part of the course was definitely the placements – that's where you work with an employer for a few weeks to get a feel for a career. I did mine with students with learning disabilities, where I worked one-to-one with some amazing people.

I also had a placement at my old primary school, where I helped to teach the children how to write and played educational games with them.

Now I've finished my course, I am taking a gap year and plan to work in a nursery full time until I go to university the following year to study Childhood Studies.


Previous school:
Matthew Arnold School

The College has an amazing reputation for teaching health and social care, and I chose this course as I would love to work as an adult nurse.

We have so much more independence here, which really helps me mentally and with balancing my part-time work and studies. Some of the enrichment activities have also helped me break my fears.

I learn so many things I didn’t know before, and I can’t wait for more positive experiences on this course.


Previous school:
Rye St Antony

Health & Social Care has always been a subject I was keen to study, and I've always wanted to work with the elderly.

My sister had been at the College before me and said she really enjoyed it. Her positive feedback made me keen to try it out and now I'm here, I feel I'm definitely on the right course. It's a really interesting subject and a career I want to go into.

Best of all, I've been making friends for life here and the College environment is great (especially getting hot chocolates from Costa).


Previous school:
King Alfred's Academy

The College staff and my tutors are so helpful and supportive to make things easier for me. I feel more motivated to come to college and feel included, as things can be flexible and adjusted to support my autism.

I like the independence of college life and the facilities, one example is the space in the library where you can work quietly. The College and some of its staff have helped improve and build my confidence and because I’ve also completed courses in Art & Design and Public Services, I feel I have lots of career options now.

Now I’m on the Health & Social Care Level 3 course, which I enjoy. I chose this because I care for my sister who has autism and mental health issues. In the future I want to improve the care services, and make life more accessible for those with autism. This is something I’m very passionate about.

I also won a Student of the Year Award this year. It was exciting to win and to go to the Awards with my family, I’m really proud of myself and it’s something that will look great on my CV.

Your future career

Care Assistant for the Elderly

Health Visitor

Home-based Carer

Learning Disabilities Carer

Mental Health Nurse




Social Worker