Student Voice is a place where students freely share views and opinions to benefit everyone at the College.

It might be about what they currently enjoy about college, what they think could be better, or what new initiatives they would like to see.

Student Voice is key to making improvements around our campuses and communities, welcoming new ideas through Student Reps and our committees.

Student Voice is all about making decisions to benefit others, communicating to staff on behalf of fellow students and sharing ideas.

If that sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, then read on!

Why get involved?

If you want to become a Student Rep, let your course tutor know. Student Reps meet once every 4-6 weeks over a lunchtime and discuss any new projects, share concerns and of course, there will be snacks!

Plus, there are more perks:

  • Get involved with and help plan the Student Conference
  • Work on the editorial team of Pulse, the student newsletter
  • Be a part of something that makes a difference by influencing decisions at the College
  • Meet other students with shared interests
  • Pop it on your CV or job application as volunteering experience
  • Do something you’ve never done before
  • Get the official Student Rep badge!

Download the latest edition of 'Pulse: The Student Newsletter'

Meet your Student Voice Coordinator

I'm Cheryl Jones, your Student Voice Coordinator.

Having started in a nursery after school aged 15, I have been in the childcare and education industry now for 29 years.

I thoroughly enjoy my role within the College, and I am very passionate about students having a platform to have their voice heard.

One of the things I'm involved in is our student newsletter, Pulse. This is created by students, for students. If you have a journalistic instinct for a good story, and want to make a difference at the College through writing, come and get involved!

If you would like to become a Student Rep and/or be involved in writing for Pulse, get in touch today.

You can find me at the Abingdon campus, opposite Eat@OX14 in Room D017.

01235 216 377

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