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Investing in the latest digital media

You will have high-spec equipment at your disposal on our Media courses, keeping you at the cutting-edge of audio and visual production technology.

Learn from the big businesses

There are loads of opportunities to visit major media companies, in the UK and abroad, such as the BBC or even the Bavarian Film & TV Studios in Germany!

Gain a new perspective on video, photos and graphic design and how they're used in the world of media

The media projects that you create, produce and manage will be enriched by the various content and assets created during your course. You could be using broadcast-quality equipment to direct music videos, creating slick script copy and stunning graphics, or even recording your own podcasts.

You will gain experience in using high-tech software and equipment such as Panasonic AVCHD cameras, Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium Software, green screens, augmented reality and purpose-built editing computers.

You will also design and launch your media projects and campaigns, either as a solo production or working collaboratively as a team, as part of an amazing Final Major Project.

Staff Profile: Kevin Howick

Staff Profile: Kevin Howick

Growing up in Hayes, Middlesex, Kevin attended the University of Westminster and achieved a 2:1 BA Hons in Contemporary Media Practice.

In 2005, he moved to Oxfordshire to undertake a PGCE in Post Compulsory Education at Oxford Brookes University, whilst on placement as a Media Lecturer at OCVC (now City of Oxford College). A move to Abingdon & Witney College in 2013 has seen Kevin become Curriculum Manager in Media & Games, Performance and Production.

Outside of education, he is a professional football referee, officiating as an Assistant Referee in League 1 and 2 (the third and fourth divisions nationally) and in a number of big stadia, including Wembley and overseas tournaments in France, Belgium and Egypt.

"I find teaching extremely rewarding. When students are enjoying their learning and developing, there is an energy and excitement in the room, which makes a career in teaching dynamic and fun.

I also feel a great sense of pride at the end of the year when we can reflect on how far the students have travelled, and the difference this has made to their lives due to the new opportunities that may now be open to them.

We can't also forget the vital life skills they would have learnt from being in a college environment; being more responsible, creative, pushing out of their comfort zones, time management, communication, resilience, to name but a few!"

Joe Lemon

Joe Lemon

Joe completed a degree in Film and American Psychology at University of Winchester.

He then worked for an independent film company in New York for a year, before coming back to the UK to undertake a PGCE at Oxford Brookes University.

He's been teaching at Abingdon & Witney College for nine years, delivering a wide range of subjects generally to do with film culture and communication.

"I think what we do in getting students to understand the context to the media they see, to become critical viewers, to question what they see; this has become more important than ever.

I really like that we become part of the journey that a student goes on as they grow in skills and confidence and develop not only on their course but as person.

I’m proud of the fact that our students go off to university or into the industry, having good careers. What’s really special for us as teachers is when students enjoy their time at college so much that they keep in contact with us, so we get to hear about how well they are doing."

Did you know?

80% of our Level 3 Media and Games students have progressed to higher destinations, including university and film schools.

There's an opportunity to have a media residential abroad, which every other year includes the Berlinale Film Festival!

Our Media students get to work on a range of corporate briefs, including training videos and professional interviews, developing important career skills.


Previous school:
Henry Box School

I wasn't too sure what to do once I left school, but I've always been creative, so I went to an open day and spoke to friends. I liked the idea of making videos, especially documentaries.

The course feels like what a career would be like if I went freelance, which is what I'm planning to do and the trips, like visiting Pinewood Studios, were really interesting and helped to put the course into context.

Now I'm doing freelance on the side, having bought my own camera which I've learnt how to use through college, taking photos of local bands and for businesses.


I started the course with course with two things – an interest in the media industry and a positive attitude – but I left with so much more.

I now have skills, knowledge and experiences that combined to make me employable in the media industry. I was given the chance to be creative, to experiment, and to find what I really enjoyed creating and pursue it.

The course helped to progress to where I am now, studying Camera Operation for Television Entertainment at the National Film and Television School, with the long-term goal of working as a freelance camera operator for Sky and the BBC.


The most enjoyable aspect of my course was the blend of both theoretical and practical assignments. I understand theoretical work can be daunting for a lot of people; I was one of those people at one time.

This course helped me to face that challenge head-on and now I feel confident and productive when carrying out theoretical work.

College has given me the opportunity to explore the artistic medium I am passionate about in my own way and I have learnt an awful lot doing it, whilst gaining a qualification in the area.


Previous school:
Cokethorpe School

Ed studied on the Level 3 Diploma at college and graduated from the University of Gloucester in Media Production. He is currently Marketing Executive at Goodlife Fitness in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in Canada:

"The atmosphere at college was great and I was able to develop new and unique skills which really help in my current role. The tutors were always super supportive, whether it was helping with the course content that I found challenging or giving you knowledge to implement in future endeavours.

I would highly recommend Abingdon & Witney College and I look back at my time there fondly."


Previous school:
St Birinus

Marc studied Level 3 Media with the College at the Abingdon campus.

"I'm now in my seventh month as a staff Broadcast Technical Operator at QVC (Shopping Channel), and I'm absolutely loving it here.

I'm a camera operator for floor pedestal cams, robotic cams and live show sound mixing."

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