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Professional tools at your fingertips

We have a wide range of specialist software installed on our PC builds, including Abobe Creative Suite, games engines and modelling software (Unity and Maya) and 3ds Max.

Get inspiration for your gaming projects

You will have the chance to visit EGX, the UK's biggest gaming show, where you can speak to up-and-coming indie developers, the big names in gaming and hundreds of other exhibitors.

Are you passionate about video games and have a creative flair for design?

Our Creative Production and Games Development courses, based in Witney, teach the practical and technical skills needed before your first step into the rapidly expanding gaming sector.

You will work on character, story and game world development using the latest specialist software, projecting your imagination into 2D and 3D environments and turning concept art into real creations. It's all about finding your own voice and what interests you most in this field.

By undertaking projects in a variety of game-related areas, you will gain a sound skills base in understanding and researching the gaming sector. Like all our creative subjects, this will culminate in the final term where you will produce a final major project (FMP), which is driven by you.

Staff Profile: Peter Jones

Staff Profile: Peter Jones

Before joining Abingdon & Witney College, Peter worked in the Computer Games industry where his background in Fine Art had led him to a career as a 3D computer graphics artist.

Peter joined the College as a Lecturer on the Games Development course, taught at our Witney Campus.

"Through the Games Development course, I get to work with a diverse range of students who share my passion. I try to inspire each student to have just as much or more enthusiasm about their area of study as I do."

"The teaching staff here are 'real' and self-directed, and you can quickly see that they have their students back and look out for their best interest."

Did you know?

Oxfordshire is a fast-growing hub for games development - there are more than 35 companies in this sector across the county

The UK consumer spend on games was valued at a record £6bn in 2019, up 10% from 2018 (£5.7bn). Software alone accounted for £4 billion in revenue.

Rebellion, one of the UK's biggest producer of video games, has its headquarters based in Oxford and is developing new studios nearby in Didcot.


Previous school:
Wood Green School

My favourite part of the course is drawing character designs, using the great computing tech that they have here.

I find this subject interesting and I've always known this what I want to do. This college was the best choice for me and I'm enjoying everything about the course and how it feels here, as I have much more freedom than I had at school.


Previous school:
Faringdon Community College

It’s an interesting subject with room for very challenging lessons, where you can set a high ceiling for yourself. The classes have given a me sense of ‘guided freedom’, a chance to find out what I'm really in to learning about, and so far they’ve been super enjoyable.

The computers are well-kitted out and it's the only college with an Escape Studios animation course in the area.

I know that by studying here, it's going to lead to the career I'm most interested in.


Previous school:
Bartholomew School

This college and my tutor are forming me into the best games developer I can be, as I'm set challenges to meet that keep testing my abilities.

I really enjoy games and I’ve made lots of new friends here, so it's great being able to do a course that I love and be sociable too.

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Game Artist

Game Audio Engineer

Game Designer

Game Marketer/PR

Game Programmer

QA Game Tester