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See the world and challenge yourself

Trips and excursions, both in the UK and abroad, will give you exciting experiences in many different environments and broaden your outlook on your course, career and life.

Award-winning teachers

We have staff that have many years of uniformed public services experience, and have been recognised at an international level for their teaching. Our tutor Will Williams recently won the prestigious Tutor of the Year at the 2019 BTEC Awards.

Careers in the uniformed services put you in the middle of the action and at the heart of communities.

To set you on your path, our public services courses will challenge you and help build up your employability skills – your teamwork, resilience, confidence, communication and physical fitness.

As part of an active, out-going class, you will go on a variety of expeditions and training days in the UK and abroad – biking in Barcelona, team building in the Ardèche in France, and a Royal Marines boot camp are a few examples of what students have enjoyed in the past.

There's still work to be done back in the classroom, where you will use these adventures to inspire your assignments. Making those important connections between theory and your practical experiences will mean you are able to hit the ground running when you start your career!

Will Williams

Will Williams

Will has been working at the College for five years in the Public Services department, three of these as a full-time teacher, having joined from the Army’s 4th Battalion The Rifles where he was ranked colour sergeant.

In July 2019, Will gained national recognition after winning the prestigious BTEC Tutor of the Year Award, ahead of more than 600 nominees from around the world.

"I love my job and the sector I work in – seeing students develop and progress to university and onto positive careers, to be an influential part of that, is a real privilege."

Did you know?

5.36 million people are employed in the public sector across the UK – accounting for 16.5% of all those in paid work

New students on the Public Services course take on the challenges of a boot camp at the beginning of term!


Previous school:
King Alfred's Academy

I wanted to push myself on from after school and sixth form, to do something interesting and get out there, and this college was recommended to me.

The Public Services course has ticked those boxes. I started at Level 2 last year and by the end I had received a Distinction.

On the Level 3 course I'm gaining more knowledge on my possible career options. When I finish, I'm going to look at joining the Marines or the Royal Navy.

I'd 100% recommend the experience, as I started off not knowing my direction but since doing this course I know a lot more about what public services is and what careers I can do.


Previous school:
Wood Green School

The career path I'm looking to go down is protective services, specifically to become a juvenile prison officer. I knew the College had a good choice of courses and facilities to match my career ambition, so I decided to try the Public Services route.

I enjoy the freedom I get here which I didn’t get at school. It’s a nice environment to learn and socialise in and I find it's easy to make life-long friends here.

I like the sports side of things on the course and my tutor is outgoing and inspiring.


Previous school:
Fitzharrys School

The interesting people we meet and the exciting places we go - that's the best part about my course, along with studying with my classmates. We all get on really well and the classes are much better for it.

I’m very into fitness and my goal is to become a personal trainer. The College has good reviews and it's local to me, which made it the right choice and I'm really enjoying everything so far!

Our tutor is firm but fair - we respect him and we learn a lot, and then as a result everyone is treated more like an adult.


Previous school:
Carterton Community College

College was great for me. It was more than just a diploma in sports coaching and fitness; it was definitely a development for life.

Being around a lot of like-minded people made for a really enjoyable two years at the college. Some highlights were definitely visiting the Ardèche and just having a really good laugh day-to-day with my friends.

After leaving college, I joined the military straight away. In my 6 years of service I have spent about 5 months in California parachuting, and visited many countries such as, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland and Austria. I have recently been selected to represent the RAF as part of the RAF Falcons Parachute Display Team. This was a big dream of mine before I joined up so I couldn’t be happier!

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