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Gain the skills you need for the digital world

This industry thrives on talented people who can solve problems, develop better ways of doing things, and understand and shape technology, which is at the centre of our Digital Technologies courses.

Get experience in key global growth areas

Our courses will develop your skills in fast-growing areas within the industry. We have hosted unique workshops at the College, such as cyber security delivered by The University of Oxford's Computer Science department.

Are you inspired by the idea of creating security protocols, testing and tweaking the code behind websites, or developing new digital tech to solve complex issues?

Develop a greater understanding of the IT systems, hardware and software powering today's businesses in many different industries with one of our Digital Technologies courses.

A practically-taught and career-focused approach will give you insights into the technical skills valued by employers in the workplace, looking at digital portfolios, database and software development, the online world and other interesting modules.

As you progress, you will discover new specialities and work on your own specific interests. There are so many different career paths to follow, there's bound to be something that suits you!

Staff Profile: Tim Bailey

Staff Profile: Tim Bailey

Tim’s career background covers various industries, including mechanical engineering and five years working at Cable and Wireless Worldwide, which was later purchased by Vodafone, as a security cleared voice communications specialist.

Tim now teaches on all levels of the Digital Technologies course as a lecturer.

"The staff in the Digital Technologies department have backgrounds in many different industries, with all sorts of anecdotes of things that have gone really well and things that haven't.

We find that students benefit from the staff’s industry experience and that they can learn from our stories and mistakes. Any knowledge we can pass on helps to prepare them for the workplace and that's what I enjoy most – teaching the next generation of digital professionals."

Staff Profile: Roger Christiansen

Staff Profile: Roger Christiansen

Roger has been working at the College for 3 years, having spent most of his career as a senior marketing professional working in hi-tech companies big and small; from local start-ups like Research Machines to global brands such as IBM and Ricoh.

He has been involved in taking new technologies to market, including one of the first global e-learning solutions to high-speed print and on-demand colour inkjets in the books market.

Based in Witney, Roger now teaches as a Lecturer on the College's Digital Technologies courses.

"Whether they want to work in the modern IT industry or apply their IT skills and knowledge in another industry; we are preparing our students for their careers in every lesson and at every step in their journey.

The thing I love about my job the most is making a real difference and having a positive impact. You get to see students develop over their time in college, starting their course with certain skills but lacking in some areas which we help them to tackle. They finish with a recognised qualification, grow in confidence and ability and that makes it all worthwhile!"

Did you know?

The UK is fourth in the world for digital technology scale-up investment, after the US, China and India.

12,800 new jobs in Digital Technologies are predicted to be created each year until 2024.

50% of tech companies in the UK report difficulties in finding people with the right skills for their business.


Previous school:
Henry Box School

There are significantly less students here compared to school, so there's more one-to-one time with the tutor and I can get individual support.

It's definitely a good challenge. There are units that focus on the jobs that are in demand like coding, and units that branch off into different subjects like business and sport, so not just computers!

I find that best of all, I'm focusing on one thing at a time, which is different to studying A levels and I'm glad I've gone for something more practical.


Previous school:
St Birinus School

Aidan always loved computers, especially big systems with impressive specs. The course at the College had the right material and structure for his learning style, and he found it a positive move to focus on one subject rather than a wider selection of A levels.

"I now work at the Science and Technology Facilities Council, a world-leading multi-disciplinary science organisation, looking after a large storage cluster and some of this requires scripting/coding which I learned at college.

The job has tested my knowledge of networking, web design and several other areas of IT that were covered in modules on my course here."


Previous school:
Fitzharrys School

Daisy joined the Level 3 Digital Technologies course (Computing as it was known then) and was so successful that she went on to achieve the 2017 Student of the Year Award for the entire Technology department!

"There was such a wide variety of topics covered within my course, taught in practical ways rather than just through theory; this gave me a really good idea of what I enjoy most about computing.

Two years on and I am studying for a degree in BSc Computer Forensics at the University of South Wales. I am currently on a placement year where I am working in the public sector in Computing.

Next year is my final year of my degree and I still share the same passion I had when finishing college. Going to university has helped me develop both my technical and personal skills which are crucial for progression in the industry but it isn’t for everyone!"

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