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Students fundraising success for Medical Detection Dogs

21st Nov 2019

Congratulations to the Common Leys students and staff for raising an amazing £315 for Medical Detection Dogs through their ‘Canine Question Time’ fundraiser.

The Bio-Detection Dogs are trained to find the odour of diseases, such as cancer, in samples such as urine, breath and swabs. The Medical Alert Assistance Dogs are trained to detect minute changes in an individual’s personal odour triggered by their disease and alert them to an impending medical event.

Medical Detection Dogs receive no government funding for the work they do and rely entirely on the generosity of donations from trusts and the public.

Students raised funds through a raffle, selling cakes and tea, running a question time opportunity with canine professionals and giving a demonstration by the detection dogs.

Medical Detection Dogs Charity:

Website: medicaldetectiondogs.org.uk

Phone: 01296 655888

Email: operations@medicaldetectiondogs.org.uk