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Events and Tourism students visit Amsterdam

22nd Mar 2016

Last week, Year 2 Events and Tourism students travelled to Amsterdam for a 5 day visit. The students planned and delivered the trip themselves, creating a fun and exciting programme of excursions and events.

Excursions included a bike tour of the city where students were taken through beautiful and very interesting parts of the city, learning about the history and culture of Amsterdam. There was also a visit to Anne Frank House, where students were able to find out more about the Jewish war-time diarist. Students enjoyed visiting the Van Gogh Museum to learn about the artist and his contemporaries. The museum’s collection is the largest collection of Van Gogh’s paintings and drawings in the world.

Some more leisurely activities included the cheese museum, when students learnt about the history of cheese as well as doing some cheese tasting! The nice weather also permitted a wander around Vondelpark, a public park of 47 hectares. Students also explored some of the cities more interesting and unusual spots including Electric Ladyland, a museum of fluorescent art, where visitors enter a fluorescent environment and become pieces of art themselves.

Dom Paterson, a student on the trip, said: “The residential we planned and delivered allowed us to enjoy a variety of different cultural experiences. I also feel a lot more confident and have improved my skill set in a variety of areas.”

Angela Hayles, Head of Faculty, said: “The trip was a great opportunity for students to learn more about the culture of such a captivating city and explore its exciting and diverse tourism industry. Amsterdam has so much to offer and to so many different markets, that it’s great for students to see this first hand. The trip took a lot of organising and planning from the students and they did a great job!”