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£150 funding offered towards part time and evening study for Carers in Oxfordshire

16th Nov 2023

Carers Oxfordshire are offering up to £150 towards any part-time and evening course from Abingdon & Witney College. The offer is available for carers aged 19 and over who support an Oxfordshire resident.

Abingdon & Witney College work with Carers Oxfordshire to offer a series of free workshops and courses designed to help carers improve their wellbeing and gain confidence in caring for someone at home.

Carers Oxfordshire are now extending their support, offering an increase in additional funding for carers to get involved in a variety of courses run across the College. They hope this will inspire carers across Oxfordshire to consider continuing their education, gaining a qualification, a new skill, or taking the opportunity to meet others within Oxfordshire who share their interests.

To sign up for ANY part time course at a discount or for free, simply register for your course of choice at Abingdon & Witney College stating Carers Oxfordshire as your sponsor and fill out the sponsorship form. We will take care of the rest!

Need some inspiration? Listed below are eight courses you can study in and around Oxfordshire, showing their cost after funding. To view the full provision available, visit: abingdon-witney.ac.uk/part-time-evening

Ancient Greek and Latin – Online | 10th Jan – 20th Mar | 11 weeks | £50 £0

Suited to people who have gained a fascination for the ancient world and want to expand their knowledge of these cultures through some fun, entertaining, and often moving reading.

Cookery – Indian Vegetarian – Beginners | 9th May – 11th Jul |10 weeks | £50 £0

Learn how to make home-cooked, nutritious, and healthy traditional Indian vegetarian meals, all from scratch, using fresh ingredients and traditional Indian spices.

Digital DSLR Photography | 22nd Apr – 15th Jul | 11 weeks | £75 £0

Want to learn how to see and take better pictures? Learn to compose, capture, and edit photos as you produce your own photo-book.

Illustration for Children’s Books | 15th Jan – 25th Mar | 10 weeks | £177 £27

Korky Paul, international multi-million selling children’s book illustrator, will teach you how to draw and illustrate a double page spread of a children’s picture books.

Introduction to Starting a Business in the Animal Industry | 20th Mar | Day workshop | £86 £0

If you are passionate about the animal industry but need a bit of help to get your business off the ground, this short course could be for you.

Spanish – Beginners | 9th Jan – 2nd Jul | 22 weeks | £75 £0

Practice and improve your confidence in spoken Spanish in a range of everyday situations covering topics relevant to both home and work life.

Woodworking | 16th Jan – 27th Feb | 7 weeks | £210 £60

An opportunity to develop your woodworking basic hand skills, giving you the all-important understanding on how to work safely and accurately using the most common hand tools.

Yoga – Beginners | 11th Jan – 21st Mar | 10 weeks | £25 £0

If you have never tried Yoga before and are curious about exploring the practice in more detail, this course is the perfect opportunity to gain foundational skills and confidence.

*You can apply for the funding once per calendar year.