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Success that adds up

We have high achievement rates, including being 5th in England for A*-C GCSE Maths achievement, with more students than ever achieving higher grades when resitting their GCSEs, including grade 8s!

Tutors that speak your language

You will be studying with tutors who love what they do and understand the challenges you might face when learning English and/or maths. They are super-friendly, very experienced and there to guide you through your course.

Hear from some of our successful students

There are many ways to reach that magic grade 4 and achieve even higher.

Whatever your situation and starting grade, with the right attitude and with our close support, you can do it.

Watch our video to hear from some of the students who have achieved at Abingdon & Witney College.

There are many reasons why your GCSEs might not have gone to plan.

It might have been the pressure of the exam conditions. You might not have been able to come up with an effective revision plan. Or, maybe you feel like your teacher or course didn’t fully prepare you for what the exam would be like.

Don't let those experiences stop you from trying again!

We have inspiring stories of students who feel they have failed because they didn't achieve their English Language and/or Maths GCSEs the first time around, then come to college and exceed expectations.

Resitting your GCSEs at college won't hold you back. In fact, it's a really positive thing, as it shows you’re eager to achieve your goals and are willing to work hard to get the results you want. You will work at a pace that is right for you so that with our help you can achieve amazing results.

Staff Profile: Cait Lacy

Staff Profile: Cait Lacy

Cait's love for studying languages saw her move from her native California to Germany and then England to study linguistics nearly 30 years ago.

She began teaching English in 1992 and fell in love with it, and has since taught English for Speakers of Other Languages and German at the Abingdon & Witney College, both adults and 16-18, and currently teaches the GCSE English Language re-sit classes.

"The best part of my job is meeting students around campus who passed their GCSE English with me the previous year and are now on a Level 3 course or off to university. The satisfaction of seeing the results of hard work, perseverance and resilience can’t be beat.

Students benefit from the opportunity to try subjects not necessarily available at school. I’m always impressed with the enthusiasm my students have for their chosen vocation: performance, cars, art, sport, hairdressing, makeup.

College gives students an opportunity to become a different person from their ‘school persona’. Some of my most eager and talented students have admitted that they were the class clown at school. They are now stars in their chosen field and see the value of their own training and hard work."


Studying English at college has boosted my confidence massively as our teacher Cait is really encouraging and positive.

I've rediscovered my love of reading too - I haven't read so much in years.


The way Cait teaches is so interesting, interactive and it makes the lesson very enjoyable.

If she sees that someone is shy she encourages them in a positive way but no-one is made to join in if they don't want to.


Cait makes you want to do your best and she pushes you to do well but never pushes you beyond what you feel comfortable with.

She teaches us things that are relevant and interesting and that spurs you on to keep doing better.


Cait is really positive and makes us feel positive too and because of her I'm not nervous about the exam anymore.

I'm not afraid to get things wrong in her class as I know I'll never be judged by her or anyone else.


Previous school:
King Alfred's Academy

I was going to do sixth form but I chose college after looking around at my options. I came to two college Open Days and now I'm on the Sport & Public Services course, as I want to join the police in the future.

I love the way my maths tutor Mandy teaches - she prepares us really well by going through lots of past papers, and it's a much better way of learning.

The course has definitely built up my confidence and since I've been at college I've developed a better connection with my tutors.

Your future career

Gaining the GCSE English Language or Maths grades you need will open up more career options to you. More than ever, employers are looking for good communication skills and the ability to work with numbers. Our English and maths classes will help prepare you for those demands from employers and get you ready for your dream career!

If you want to take a higher level course at college or University, you'll also need those all important English and maths grades, so re-sitting your GCSEs really does open up a whole new world of possibilities!