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Quality teaching delivered by expert practitioners

Our lecturers are all experts in the field of human resources. You will be able to benefit from our their many years of experience in industry, eagerness to teach others and up-to-date knowledge.

Enhance your career prospects in your spare time

You don't have to worry about taking too much time away from work – our flexible part-time course structure means it's possible to keep on track in your career as you work towards gaining your qualification.

Gain industry knowledge and relevant skills to get the next level of your HR career!

Recognised and sought after by employers on a global scale, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) qualifications provide you with the underpinning knowledge and skills necessary to go far in an increasing number of diverse, rewarding career pathways.

Having a CIPD qualification on your CV is not only a hallmark of your ambition to further your career in human resources, but also of your personal drive and ability to balance work, life and study commitments.

Our part-time CIPD courses are taught in a workshop style, where you and other students talk about the hot topics in the sector, produce written reports, case study work and reflection pieces. These assignments will inspire new ways of thinking and help you to develop into a high-achieving HR professional.

Did you know?

Worldwide, there are more than 150,000 CIPD members!

At Level 3 and 5, studying a CIPD qualification at the College can also be part of an apprenticeship funded by your employer!

Recent CIPD research has found that more than two-thirds of UK employees feel that their work makes them happy and over three-quarters said the profession offers a meaningful career.


I really enjoyed meeting new people from similar backgrounds and I found it helpful discussing how their HR departments worked in comparison to my organisation. By the end of year, we became a very close group and supported each other during our assignments.

We attended an Employment Tribunal which was a real eye opener and also the CIPD Festival of Work in London. For this, we were able to meet different organisations from HR and were shown products and services which could benefit our own organisations.

Sharon's experience and knowledge in HR was incredible, often discussing her own experiences when talking about a particular subject linked to our assignments. She also helped us understand the assignments by breaking the questions down through group work, webinars and videos so that everyone's preferred learning methods were met.

When I first started my role in HR, I had no previous experience or knowledge. Level 3 has given me an overall introduction into the different areas of HR and I have gained skills in completing interviews, appraisals and presenting to an audience. I now feel more confident in my role and can take on certain tasks whereas before, I would not have put myself forward.

I am keen to progress into an Adviser role within my company and I am now studying for my Level 5 in HR.


Studying the Level 3 CIPD qualification has given me much more confidence in my role and put me in touch with a network of people and organisations that I can share and gain best practice from.

They were all a really positive group of people, and we encouraged and inspired each other to do well and achieve on the course.

My tutor Sharon was really supportive throughout the course, was extremely knowledgeable and had a wealth of experience in HR so I could relate directly to what she was teaching.

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