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Our motor vehicle workshops replicate real working environments, giving students the automotive knowledge they need to achieve.

Across two separate workshops at the Abingdon campus, students work with a range of manufacturers and car models to really expand their skillset and experience.

The multi-bay layout provides 13 vehicle lifts and ample space in which to carry out MOTs, part replacements and many other career- and subject-related tasks. These are high-quality pieces of equipment – there are eight Werther Stratos SRM Scissor Lifts, seven 2-Post Liftmasters, and a separate 4-Post Werther Stratos Lift.

Staying with high-quality, the garages are also kitted out with Snap-on tools and storage equipment, work benches and Kobe magnetic milling and drilling machines. There are also training models, such as an engine, so students can see the inner workings and differentiate between certain elements of the parts.