Practical Horticulture, RHS Level 2 Certificate

Course code: EPCM303P

Subject area: Horticulture

Study level: Part Time

Course level: 2

Course details

9:30am - 12:30pm


16th Sep 2020 - 9th Jun 2021

Common Leys Farm

Contact details

01235 555 585

This is a well recognised practical qualification accredited by the Royal Horticultural Society which focuses on developing the essential skills needed in horticulture. The course takes place on a Wednesday morning 9.30 – 12.30 at Common leys Farm campus and is split into two 12 week blocks. Block one is completed by the end of December with block 2 commencing as the growing season starts in March.

The qualification supports career development for those already working in the profession and for those wanting to move into the horticulture industry.

The qualification consists of 7 units covering the following subject areas:

• Soil testing
• Sowing seeds and vegetative propagation techniques
• Practical skills in ground preparation for seeding and planting
• Practical skills in establishing seeds and plants in soil
• Care and pruning of plants
• Identification of a range of common garden plants, weeds, pests, diseases and disorders and beneficial organisms
• Safe operation of powered garden machinery

Learners are assessed throughout the course by a combination of practical assessments, identification tests and short written knowledge tests.

Final Award
On successful completion of the course learners will be awarded the RHS Level 2 Certificate in Practical Horticulture.

As this is a very practical course you will need to provide yourself with the following items of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment): safety boots and work or gardening gloves. You will also need a pair of secateurs.

Students can progress onto the RHS Certificate in Practical Horticulture Level 3 or continue to study the additional RHS qualifications at level 2 to make up the full RHS level 2 Diploma .
No specific qualifications are required although candidates should have an appropriate level of general education to enable them to complete identification tests and short written knowledge tests.
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19+ Fee

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Total Cost: £490.00

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Total Cost: £70.00

RHS Certificate in Practical Horticulture Level 2
Practical learning environment. Students build a portfolio of evidence of practical assessments combined with some written work.