Electrical Installation, Level 1

Course code: MFWM101P

Subject area: Construction

Study level: School Leaver

Course level: 1

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9:00am - 5:00pm

Monday to Friday

6th Sep 2021 - 1st Jul 2022

Witney Campus

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01993 703464

Hands on, practically challenging, fast moving and diverse. Whilst no job within construction is ever the same you can be sure that it will be exciting with varied career and training options. Our dedicated construction workshops are a great place to develop your professional skills, and to build your future as an electrician in the construction industry.

This exciting course in Witney will allow you to develop your hand skills and an understanding of electrical installation in the construction industry. You will learn the basic skills and knowledge involved in electrical installation, covering a range of basic wiring and fabrication tasks, supported by the underpinning knowledge of electrical science and technology. As part of your study programme, a short work experience placement will help you to appreciate and develop the skills and attitudes employers are looking for as you prepare for transition to the workplace.

These are the units you will study over the duration of the course:

Structure of the construction industry: you will develop a broad understanding of the structure of the construction industry.

Fundamental safe working practices: you will learn the essential health and safety job knowledge required to enable you to work safely in the Plumbing industry with the practical application of a range of key health and safety requirements under simulated conditions.

Environmental and sustainability measures in domestic dwellings: you will look at a range of basic measures associated with protection of the environment, including types of energy, use of energy sources and good working practices within the domestic environment.

Site preparation for working in the construction industry: you will develop a fundamental understanding of the site preparation for new and existing dwellings. You will look at tools and fixings used in the installation process and understand the operational health and safety risks involved in working on new build and existing properties.

Electrical installation wiring and termination: you will learn basic electrical tasks, giving you the knowledge to terminate electrical wiring.

Fabrication techniques for electrical installation: you will undertake a broad range of basic activities designed to prepare you for entry into the electrical Industry with the primary emphasis on Electrical Installation. You will be expected to plan, prepare for and carry out hand fitting activities, producing work plans containing job instructions, materials, tools, equipment and components that may be required for the activities.

Electrical science and technology: you will develop an understanding of the elementary values of electrical science. This knowledge provides the foundation for electrical studies which can be applied when calculating, constructing and testing simple electrical circuits.

Bringing in more than £7 billion in the UK and growing, construction is big business. It’s challenging, and very fast moving, but also a fantastic place to be building a future career! The sector is famed for its endless options to learn new trades and skills, making it an exciting and interesting working environment. As a construction worker, opportunities to develop your area of expertise are plentiful, whether through a formal apprenticeship or full-time employment. There is the prospect of progressing up the career ladder or even starting your own business.
GCSEs at grade 3 - 1 and a successful interview and assessment session where you can demonstrate your suitability for programme .
In addition to the main course fees given below there is an additional cost of £45 for kit / clothing, and £25 for books. (Costs are given for guidance only.)

Due to COVID-19 we are not currently planning any trips as part of your course. If we are able to organise trips during your course, the cost of these will be communicated to you at the time. Trips are optional, and you will not be penalised if you choose not to participate. Bursaries may also available to cover the cost of some trips.

There are bursaries available to help you with other course cost, call 01235 216 298 for more information.

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16 - 18 Fee

Tuition Fee: £0.00
Exam Fee: £0.00
Books: £30.00
Kit / Clothing: £55.00

Total Cost: £85.00

19+ Fee

Tuition Fee: £1,250.00
Exam Fee: £103.00
Books: £30.00
Kit / Clothing: £55.00

Total Cost: £1,438.00

19+ Reduced Fee

Tuition Fee: £0.00
Exam Fee: £0.00
Books: £30.00
Kit / Clothing: £55.00

Total Cost: £85.00

Electrical installation skills are not something you can learn from a book. At Abingdon & Witney College it’s about ‘hands on’ learning. Fully equipped with the latest equipment and materials and staffed by our expert industry professionals, there is no better place to start your career. The majority of the course is based around practical assessments, with the underpinning knowledge assessed with written question papers and some online assessment. You will also study GSCE or Functional Skills Maths and English to support your entry to employment or further study.
Your time training at the Skills Centre will be packed with intensive practical experience and maximum working time with the materials and tools of your chosen trade. As well as practical skills you will obtain a range of transferable skills including written and oral communication, team work and self-directed learning.